10 Best Japanese Candies 2018

Do you have a penchant for all things sweet and quirky? Then Japan’s extensive selection of candies might just be the perfect products to pull at your heartstrings. The country is well-known for their unconventional, however very kawaii products which extend into virtually every market. Now, if you want to get a feel of what it means to experience Japan, their candy would be a good and inexpensive product to start with.

From colorful DIY candy kits to exotic fruit flavored chewables, there’s definitely something for everyone in the Japanese candy market. However, if you’re on the hunt for the best Japanese candy, these options might just satisfy your sweet tooth.

Top 10 Japanese Candies Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Morinaga Hi-chew Fruit Chews Assorted Fruit Flavors 1.76ozChewy candy$$$$4.7
2. Lion "Noisy" 8-flavor Soda Hard CandyHard candy$4.7
3. Classic Guava Hard Candy - 12.3 Oz Hard candy$$$4.7
4. UHA Mikakutou High Concentrated Milk Hard Candy Hard candy$4.6
5. Kasugai - Lychee Candy 4.05 oz. Hard candy$$4.5
6. Nestle, KitKat Maccha Green Tea Flavor 4.9oz Japan Impor Cream coated wafers$$$$4.2
7. Kracie Popin' Cookin' kit soft donuts DIY candy DIY Candy$$4.2
8. Meiji - Apollo Strawberry Chocolate Candy 1.69 Oz. Chocolate$4.2
9. Kracie Popin' Cookin' Happy Sushi House by Hamee DIY Candy$4.2
10. Kracie Hamburger Popin' Cookin' kit DIY candy by Kracie DIY Candy$3.9

Narrowing down Your Japanese Candy Options

Overwhelmed with the options? Japanese candy comes in a vast variety that can make settling with just one product a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are some factors you can keep in mind when making a purchase to help you buy nothing short of the best.

Check out this short guide on narrowing your option to help you land the best Japanese candy on your first try.

  • Consider the Quirk. More often than not, Japanese products come with some unique quirk or gimmick that sets them apart from other options. Their candy is no exception.

There are lots of Japanese candies that are almost like collector’s items or toys simply because of the unique twist they offer buyers. For instance, some candies – like the DIY candy kits from Kracie – require buyers to mix candy powders with water to create pastes. These are then used according to a pattern to create candy that resembles miniature food items like donuts, cakes, and even sushi.

Then there are other candies that leverage unique, exotic, Japanese flavors that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. Most of these incorporate unique fruit flavors, but other popular options include matcha and sakura.

  • Research the Ingredients. Japanese candies aren’t manufactured for international consumers despite their worldwide popularity. Often, these products are distributed for Japanese buyers, so most if not all of the information written on the packages are in Japanese.

If you have any sort of allergies or pre-existing medical conditions that limit the food you can eat, it would be smart to first research the product online to find out what ingredients it contains. Some online resources offer an entire catalog of Japanese made candies that list down all product information in English for your convenience.

  • Consider a Bundle. Have a serious sweet tooth? Consider getting a Japanese candy box subscription. Of course, they might cost more up front, but considering how many products you’ll get, it does turn out to be a lot more economical.

These bundles can be ordered straight from Japan where the company sources the items to be placed in the box so you can get a monthly supply of different flavors and selections.

Of course, if you’re not really into getting a load of candy and just want to try a few pieces, a bundle might not be a fit for you. If you’re a hardcore candy or Japanese-culture enthusiast though, this is definitely something you might want to consider.

Top 3 Best Japanese Candy Reviews

1. Morinaga Hi-chew Fruit Chew

At a glance, the Morinaga Hi-Chew Fruit Chews Assorted Fruit Flavors might not seem like a viable candy option if you’re looking for something truly Japanese. After all, how different can they be from run-of-the-mill fruit flavored chewables you can buy at the local convenience store?

The reason why this candy has become so popular among buyers is because of the company that produces it. Morinaga is one of the oldest confectionery companies in Japan, established way back in 1899. Their candies are considered Japanese classics that can satisfy even those with the most discriminating taste.

Their Hi-Chew Fruit Chews come in a variety of fruit flavors, including mango, green apple, cherry, strawberry, and grape. These delectable little nuggets of fruity goodness are affordable and straightforward, which make them a good choice if you don’t want anything too outrageous.

The Hi-Chew line of candies also comes in several other variants including sour, soda, and exotic fruit. So if you want to work your way through a selection of Japanese candy options, you will surely love, this is definitely the best one to start with.

2. Lion “Noisy” 8-flavor Soda Hard Candy

If you want something a little more on the adventurous side, the Lion Noisy 8-Flavor Soda Hard Candies might be the right choice for you. As the name suggests, these candies come in a variety of soda pop flavors that give them a unique taste and a bubbly texture.

The flavors included in the bag are grape, apple, lemon, melon, orange, peach, cola, and the ever famous lamune (or ramune) which is a classic Japan-exclusive soda that you’re not likely to find anywhere else in the world.

The candies are rather large and extremely flavorful, making them a top pick among hardcore candy enthusiasts with a serious sweet tooth. Plus, with the candy’s extremely affordable price tag, it’s a great choice to start with if you’re working on a budget.

3. Classic Guava Hard Candy

When we think of fruit flavored candies, common fruits come to mind. Apple, grape, and strawberry are some of the most usual, and these are widely available throughout supermarkets and convenience stores. That’s why the Classic Guava Hard Candy has become rated as one of the best Japanese candy options – because of its unconventional flavor.

These candies boast a rich guava flavor that captures the taste of the actual fruit. What’s even more appealing about the candies is the aroma. Some consumers say that opening a piece of the Classic Guava Hard Candy can send the sweet aroma of guava drifting and filling up a whole room.

If you’re not quite a guava lover, the candies might not be your first pick. However, if you want a unique candy experience that engages all the senses, this one’s for you.