10 Best Keurig Hot Chocolate Pods 2018

Keurig is famous for their single cup coffee makers, but thanks to the versatility of these little machines, consumers can enjoy much more than just a cup of joe each brew.

Whether you’re in need of a relaxing tea or a rich, chocolatey cup of hot cocoa, there are plenty of different flavors to choose from for those times when coffee just won’t cut it for you.

Below, we will be highlighting the best Keurig hot chocolate pods (not tea) and help you understand the important details to consider when selecting them. Not all pods are created equally, so find out which ones are worth purchasing so you can leave the rest on the shelf where they belong.

Top 10 Keurig Hot Chocolate Pods Ultimate Table

PictureNamePod CountPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePod CountPriceRating (1-5)
1. Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Keurig K-Cups, 72 Count72$$$$4.8
2. Keurig Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa 44-ct. K-Cup Pods Value Pack44$$4.5
3. Grove Square Hot Cocoa, Milk Chocolate,12.70 oz, 24 Single Serve Cups24$4.3
4. Junior Mint Single-Cup Hot Cocoa for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 12 Count12$4.3
5. Brooklyn Bean Roastery Hot Cocoa Variety Pack Single Cup40$4.2
6. Custom Variety Pack Indulgio Hot Cocoa Keurig K-Cups Variety Sampler Pack, 24 Count24$$$$4.1
7. Martinson, Wild Cherry Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, 24 Single Serve RealCups25$$4.1
8. Smart Sips, Chocolate Cherry Cordial Coffee, 24 Count Compatible With All Keurig K-cup Brewers24$$$3.9
9. Skinnygirl Indulgent Beverages24$$3.8
10. Two Rivers Hot Cocoa Sampler Pack, Single-Cup for Keurig K-cup Brewers, 40 Count40$$$3.8

*Note – While all pods are compatible with Keurig machines, you must double check to make sure they will fit your specific model!

Make Sure the Pods are Compatible with Your Keurig Model

Thankfully, consumers are not just limited to Keurig’s brand of pods called the K-Cup® pods. Other brands will also fit, but for obvious reasons, you need to make sure that they will fit the specific model that you have.

Pods that are not made and manufactured by Keurig will usually have the Keurig logo on the pod somewhere or else printed on the box, letting you know that they are compatible. That does not mean, however, that they are affiliated with the brand. It simply means that they are sized to fit in the Keurig machines.


If you want to choose the most flavorful pods, it helps to check the ingredient list.

Are the pods naturally flavored or artificially flavored? Do they contain milk?

Another thing to check it what type of sweetener they used. Most brands will use sugar, which gives the hot chocolate more flavor but would be a problem for anyone with diabetes, for example.

thers use a blend of sugar and sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener. As long as sucralose is somewhere near the bottom of the ingredient list, it shouldn’t overpower the flavor of the cocoa since they didn’t use as much of it.

A more natural alternative to both would be to opt for pods that contain stevia, which is a natural sweetener. The Skinnygirl Hot Cocoa pods have this ingredient for those interested.

Check the Expiration Date!

Another important factor to check before purchasing a heap of pods is the expiration date. It probably won’t be an issue in offices where employees are using the pods regularly, but if you use them at home and only a few months out of the year, then it is best to stick with smaller quantities of pods.

Top 3 Best Keurig Hot Chocolate Pods Reviews

1. Café Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Some of the best Keurig hot chocolate pods according to our chocolate connoisseurs (and many others) are those of Café Escapes. They have the right balance of flavor and texture, and with less than 100 calories per serving, you don’t have to feel guilty about treating yourself to this liquid snack.

As a naturally flavored mixture, the flavor is more authentic, and it also contains creamer to help give it a slightly denser texture. They used nonfat milk and both regular sugar along with sucralose, but even though the latter is artificial, it blends well with the other flavors of this hot cocoa.

We featured the 72-count box, but you can also buy them in higher or lower quantities. The lowest is a 48-count box, which is great if you won’t be going through pods at the speed of light.

2. Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Swiss Miss is a classic name in the hot chocolate world, and we are so glad that they have a Keurig-compatible pod that allows you to brew a fresh cup at the touch of a button.

It isn’t quite as good as Café Escapes, and that is probably because they use a mixture of both artificial and natural flavors. It does contain sugar and sucralose (artificial sweetener), and they also used nonfat milk, and each serving only has 60 calories.

If we had to choose, the Café Escapes is still our favorite, but if you would like some decent hot cocoa and prefer to spend a bit less, consider this as a good alternative.

3. Grove Square Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Grove Square is an extremely popular brand that makes excellent blends of hot beverages. Their hot chocolate comes in three flavors, including milk chocolate (this one), dark chocolate, salted caramel and mocha cocoa.

Like Swiss Miss, this contains a mixture of natural and artificial flavors, along with sugar and a dash of sucralose. Sugar is the first ingredient on the list, which means that it takes up the majority of the mixture, and sucralose is lower on the list, and that means there isn’t quite as much of it.

The brew is relatively creamy compared to Swiss Miss’s, and this one just happens to be certified Kosher. The chocolate flavor is very prominent, although it can be a bit too sweet for some.

If you have tried the other brands we just discussed and weren’t pleased with them, try one of the flavors that Grove Square offers. They come in smaller packages and larger packages depending on how many you need and the flavor you choose.

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