10 Best Teas for Bloating 2018

Feeling gassy and swollen around the abdomen? It’s likely a case of bloating. Defined as the abnormal build up of gas or the sudden increase in diameter of the abdominal area, bloating can cause discomfort and pain. While some cases of bloating might be caused by conditions like IBS, they’re often the result of things like food we eat or temporary changes in hormonal balance.

If the pain and tightness around your abdomen is becoming too much to bear, don’t reach for those meds. Instead, try brewing yourself a cup of the best tea for bloating. Certain tea blends have been tried and tested throughout the years as effective remedies for bloating. So try one of these top choices to get easy, safe, and effective relief minus the side-effects.

Top 10 Teas for Bloating Table

PictureNameLength of UsePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameLength of UsePriceRating (1-5)
1. Yogi Tea, Stomach Ease, 16 Count (Pack of 6), Packaging May Vary Occasional, one-time use$$4.6
2. Physique Tea 15 Day Teatox Detox Herbal Tea Cleanse 15 days$$4.6
3. CUTEA Natural Weight Loss Detox Tea, 14 Tea Bags 14 days$$4.6
4. Gaia Herbs Tea-Gas & Bloating - 16 Tea Bags Occasional, one-time use$4.5
5. CUTEA Happy Tummy Tea, 28 Tea BagsOccasional, one-time use$$$$4.5
6. Heather's Tummy Teas Organic Fennel Tea Bags (45 Jumbo Teabags) for IBS, 8.82 Ounce Occasional, one-time use$4.4
7. Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea (25 Sealed Teabags) | Herbal Tea Supplement with Echinacea 14 days$$4.4
8. Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox Herbal Tea Supplement (14 Tea Bags) 14 days$$$4.3
9. Traditional Medicinals Organic Tea Gas Relief 16 tea bags Occasional, one-time use$4.1
10. Hey Girl Tea Ultimate Detox Tea Packed 14 days$$$4.0

Finding the Best Tea to Ease Bloating

The thing about tea is that it comes in a wide variety of blends and herbal combinations. So it’s safe to assume that not all the options you come across will actually work well to help relieve your bloating.

Instead of taking guesses, try considering these factors to help you find a suitable option that won’t fall short of your expectations.

  • Main Herbal Ingredient. Herbs and plants have been used throughout the years as traditional means of medicine. These days, they’re still widely used throughout the globe, mostly in the form of teas.

The main herbal ingredient in your chosen tea will tell you if it’s an effective choice or not. If you’re not sure which herbs are proven effective against bloating, keep this handy list in mind:

    • Fennel. This herb has been proven effective against bloating, relieving gassiness, cramps, and abdominal pain. Fennel is also an effective solution against chronic causes of bloating such as irritable bowel syndrome.
    • Mint. Many of herbs in the mint family including basil, spearmint, and peppermint are known to neutralize the stomach, thus reducing symptoms associated with acute bloating.
    • Cinnamon. Cinnamon’s strong, spicy taste encourages the passage of gas, which in turn reduces the gas in the abdomen to provide relief against bloating.
    • Chamomile. Calming and soothing, chamomile is an herb that has been widely used for its benefits against bloating. This herb is able to eliminate irritation, bloating, and flatulence by soothing upset bowels.
  • Loose Tea vs. Bagged Tea. Anyone who’s looking for convenience would opt for tea in ready-to-use, premeasured servings. So those that come in tea bags are more commonly purchased compared to loose tea leaves that require lengthier preparation.

However, loose tea leaves do offer some benefits that tea bags may not. Because the loose leaves are much bigger, they retain more of the components that make them effective at reducing bloating. So with more active ingredients, they’re more likely to provide you fast and lasting relief.

  • Detox vs. One-Time Remedy. You might find some teas that need to be consumed religiously for an average of two weeks. These types of teas are ideal for those experiencing bloating as a result of more chronic problems. By choosing a cleansing detox tea that cleans out your system over a period of time, you can expect to experience lasting results against what caused your bloating in the first place.

For instances when bloating is acute – that is when it’s caused by certain foods, food intake practices, or even hormonal changes like menstruation – one-time remedies are best. These act on the current situation and simply reduce bloating as it occurs.

Top 3 Best Tea for Bloating Reviews

1. Yogi Tea, Stomach Ease

If you’re looking for the best tea for bloating, the Yogi Tea Stomach Ease should be the first option on your list. This herbal blend combines fennel seed, peppermint, ginger, and licorice which help relieve flatulence to eliminate the feeling of bloating. The tea can be taken either to address bloating or to prevent it from happening all together.

Yogi Tea Stomach Ease comes in individually wrapped tea bags that make for easy and convenient tea preparation. In terms of taste, the Yogi Tea Stomach Ease is very pleasing to the palate. Strong notes of peppermint and ginger give it a subtle spice combined with a mild sweetness that makes it an enjoyable treat on top of being an effective remedy.

While it isn’t the cheapest option on the list, it definitely is worth the purchase. So if you’re in search of the best tea for bloating, be sure to give the Yogi Tea Stomach Ease a shot.

2. Physique Tea 15 Day Teatox

For bloating that’s the result of a more chronic problem like irritable bowel syndrome, a detox tea would work much better. Physique Tea 15 Day Detox is the best detox tea remedy on the market, offering long lasting relief against bloating that’s been around for a while.

This blend combines fennel, orange peel, turmeric, and bupleurum to help users cleanse their system and normalize digestive functioning. The tea also helps curb hunger and encourage weight loss, which makes it an all around solution for a number of linked issues.

The only reason why it didn’t make the top of the list was because it doesn’t come in individually wrapped tea bags. As a detox tea, this particular blend needs to be taken consecutively for 15 days. Because it is a loose tea, it can be hard to control portions to make the entire bag last for 15 days.

3. CUTEA Natural Weight Loss Detox Tea

Another effective detox tea for bloating is Cutea Natural Weight Loss Detox Tea. This tea blend uses ginger root, green tea, spearmint, rose hip, and lemon myrtle to cleanse the system and help bring digestive function to normal.

A detox cycle with this particular blend should last 14 days, allowing enough time for your body to get rid of toxins. It also helps control your appetite and encourages healthy, normal bowel movements for optimal digestive function.

In terms of flavor, the Cutea Natural Weight Loss Detox Tea is one of the better tasting options. The only reason it didn’t reach a higher spot on the list is that it’s a loose tea – which means you need to effectively budget your tea usage to make sure it last 14 days. What’s more, it’s a little pricier than the previous option. Regardless, it does offer great benefits and it works well for the right buyers.