10 Best Teas for Headaches 2018

A headache can be a major setback by reducing productivity and negatively change your mood. These sudden pangs can resonate throughout the system, prompting us to reach for the first viable solution to end the pain. Often, our initial treatment of choice is pharmaceuticals. But did you know that there are better, healthier ways to resolve a headache?

Herbal remedies like teas are simple, cost effective, and safe, able to remedy a headache just as effectively as any medication. These days, it’s not that hard to find a tea blend specifically formulated for headaches. The only question on buyers’ minds is what is the best tea for headaches? Here we weigh the best options to help answer that question.

Top 10 Teas for Headaches Chart

PictureNameMain Herbal IngredientPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMain Herbal IngredientPriceRating (1-5)
1. Yogi Tea, Honey Lavender Stress Relief, 16 Count, Packaging May VaryLavender$4.6
2. Pukka - Pukka Relax, 20 bagsChamomile$$4.6
3. Yogi Teas Tea Relaxed Mind 16 Bags Lavender$$4.5
4. YRaizana Tea Company TranquilyTea Stress Relief Tea Passionflower Linden Pear Passionflower$$4.4
5. Traditional Medicinals Organic Cup of Calm Tea, 16 Tea Bags Lavender$$$$4.4
6. Davidson's Tea Bulk, Organic Rosehips, 16-Ounce Bag Rosehip$$$4.3
7. The Republic of Tea, Get Relaxed Tea, 36-Count Lavender$$$4.3
8. Tazo Passion Herbal Tea, 20 ct Passionflower$$4.3
9. IntegriTEA RELAX (Organic Loose Leaf Rosehips, Hibiscus, and Chamomile) 2oz Rosehip$$4.1
10. Tadin Tea, Pasiflora - Passion Flower Tea, 24 Tea Bags Passionflower$4.1

Tips to Help You the Right Tea for Headaches

Virtually any leaf, plant, and even root can be made into a tea. That’s why there are so many different varieties of tea available. Many of these different blends can target a multitude of conditions, illnesses, and even disease, while a few others are specifically formulated for the sole purpose of pleasing the palate.

If you’re on the hunt for the best tea for headaches, it’s important that you take a few things into consideration. Keeping these factors in mind will help you land the right choice, guaranteeing an effective solution for washing away that pounding pain in your head.

  • Main Ingredients. The reason why some teas work well to reduce and relieve headaches is that their main ingredients have been proven to be beneficial for pain control. That said, you can’t expect all teas to be able to work well for your headache.

There are only a handful of blends that can offer effective treatment for a headache, and these are the ones that have been tried and tested throughout the years:

    • Lavender. Known for its pleasant fragrance, lavender is one of the most popular herbs used for headaches and migraines. Certain chemicals in the herb are known to combat cortisol production, which is the main cause of stress and headaches.
    • Chamomile. Throughout the years, chamomile has been used as a remedy for different ailments such as migraines, headaches, muscle spasms, and even anxiety. Its calming scent also helps reduce inflammation, reducing most bodily aches and pains.
    • Passionflower. Studies have shown that passionflower is a potent vasodilator, which means it encourages the blood vessels to relax; this allows smoother blood flow throughout the system, thus reducing tension and relieving headaches.
    • Rosehip. Rosehip is known for its ability to normalize blood flow throughout the body, which in turn reduces pressure in the head region; this relieves headaches, and might even be able to relax the user for a more stress-free disposition.

Loose Tea vs. Tea Bags

When buying tea, you will be faced with the choice between loose tea leaves and tea in small bags that are ready for steeping. Of course, very few actually look into the difference or benefits of each option, but this can be an important factor if you’re looking for the best tea for your headache.

Loose tea leaves are bigger, with less dust and crumbs in the mix. This type of tea retains more of the health benefits and aroma of the original ingredients, making them more effective in terms of relieving a headache. The problem here is that loose tea leaves can be tedious to prepare.

Tea that comes in ready to use bags is dustier, having smaller particles that have broken off from leaves and other components in the tea. While these are more convenient, tea bags offer fewer benefits because broken tea leaves lose most of their aroma and essential oils.

What’s more, tea bags also tend to taste more bitter because the broken particles release more tannins compared to larger leaves.

Top 3 Best Tea for Headaches Reviews

1. Yogi Tea, Honey Lavender Stress Relief

The most common cause of headaches is stress. When your body releases cortisol into your system, it constricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure to create a tense feeling in your head and body. The Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea aims to relieve headaches by targeting stress and calming your system for holistic relaxation and comfort.

This all natural herbal tea uses lavender as its main herbal ingredient, combined with lemon balm and passionflower extract to achieve superior and fast-acting relief against headaches. Notes of chamomile also enrich the aroma, engaging all the senses for a relaxing tea-drinking experience that benefits the entire body.

Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea comes in individual tea bags that you can easily steep with a 2-step process. The tea has a distinct spicy warmth that blends perfectly with notes of sweetness from honey and peppermint extracts; this makes it both an enjoyable beverage and effective treatment for headaches, in one affordable purchase.

2. Pukka – Pukka Relax, 20 bags

The rich blend of organic chamomile, fennel, and marshmallow root in the Pukka Relax Organic Chamomile, Fennel, and Marshmallow Root Tea makes for a relaxing blend that quickly helps to relieve stress. This all natural herbal tea boasts potent calming properties that reduce all types of body pains including headaches.

The strongest herbal component in the tea is the chamomile. The rich, strong scent of the herb engages the sense of smell, assisting in relieving headaches and guaranteeing reduced stress levels. Marshmallow root and licorice help soothe the mind to help maintain the effects of the tea long after it’s been consumed.

3. Yogi Teas Tea Relaxed Mind

Another option rated as the best tea for headaches is the Yogi Relaxed Mind Tea. This tea lavender with a few unconventional herbs such as helichrysum, shankpushpi, and organic sage to help calm and relax the mind.

This fragrant tea releases a strong scent after brewing which almost immediately relieves tension to encourage headache relief. While it is effective and enjoyable for most, some find the scent overpowering, however, claiming that it may actually aggravate headaches for individuals who are sensitive to scents.

Nevertheless, the tea is an effective solution to headaches. So if you’re not particularly sensitive to strong fragrances, this affordable tea is definitely worth a try.