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10 Best Canned Clam Chowders 2018

Who doesn’t love a hot, steaming bowl of clam chowder? Despite being a favorite among many though, this hearty, filling, rich soup requires several steps to prepare which is why not many people go out of their way to make it. Fortunately, canned clam chowder offers the

10 Best Canned Chicken Noodle Soups 2018

Feeling cold or under the weather? A delicious serving of steaming chicken noodle soup should do the trick. Throughout countless households, this simple soup has been recognized a recipe for curing everything from a runny nose to a tired spirit. But while it doesn’t take much to

10 Best Canned Refried Beans 2018

Whether you use them to enhance your tacos or jazz up some plain cooked rice, refried beans are an excellent (and healthy) way to add some flavor to your dishes. Cooking them from scratch can be time-consuming, and while the flavor is superior when you prepare them

6 Best Canned Pizza Sauces 2018

The convenience of canned pizza sauce is indisputable but finding quality is not so easy. The difficulty really comes in finding a sauce that can compete with the flavor of homemade pizza sauces. You need the combination of tomatoes and spices but also want the freshness to

Best Canned Salmon 2018

Buying and eating canned salmon is the best way to get such a healthy fish into your diet without breaking your budget or having to cook it yourself. When you can’t have fresh salmon, it can be hard to know which canned option is the most comparable

10 Best Canned Sardines 2018

Finding the best canned sardines can seem like a difficult process, especially as there is a great deal of variety depending on where they are sourced and how they are packaged. This can often lead sardine-lovers to stick to tried and tested brands and really missing out